To know that my photography has touched and inspired so many people throughout the world, is a feeling I can not begin to explain. All I can do, is say thank you, and let you know that your words have been my inspiration, my peace. These are actual testimonials, quoted word for word. I thought I would share a few with you...

* * * *

"Sharing some work by Arthur St. John. I'll likely be sharing more. I've watched his youtube videos for years and he has his own style and they may as well just call his style "the Arthur St. John."  His style is unmistakable and he makes his subjects shine as he paints his photographs with his use of light and color. Now that I am SO lucky to have met and work with him I consider him as a REALLY, VERY, SUPER cool guy who is amazingly humble, kind, generous and ABSOLUTELY GREAT to work with!!!"

-Jennifer Blocker (model)

"Arthur, I'm not always good with words, but I just wanted to take a quick minute to commend you for the incredible stream of photos! I can't get enough! Moreover, I just wanted to simply thank you for being so good to your fans/friends!! Thank you for always taking the time to stop by my facebook or instagram and making a comment or two on my photos or what not. It means a lot coming from someone as talented as you. You could so easily pass over all of us. You are one of a kind! For that, I am grateful! I am looking forward to one day booking a shoot with you or maybe even just getting to watch you shoot! Would be a dream of mine to watch your work from start to finish. You are truly a hard worker and so dedicated. A master of your craft! Talented, motivational, inspirational, humble... All around great guy!"

-JaNeil Mihlfeith Jorgensen (photographer)

"There is no better Fashion/Glamour Photographer in my book. You are the Creme of the crop! and Every model who works with you is truly blessed. You are a true professional who has proven his credibility. Lots of love and Admiration for your work and talent!! I am ALWAYS inspired from your work. My jaw drops everytime. Your team is always so strong. Consistantly shocking me. Keep it up please dont stop. Thank you for sharing your vision. It would be a dream to work with you."

-Lacie Renae Moore (make-up artist)

"wow Arthur, Amazing! Every time I see a new video It amazes me. Makes me realize just how talented you are. Look at your amazing team. To have that many people want to work in your presence speaks volumes! I love everything about your photography. I can never say enough about your work."

-Cynthia Shantel Myles (photographer)

"Arthur, First I have to say I am in love with your portfolio. You are a true light master - you know the science of photography, but also the art. You have truly mastered both worlds. Love your work."

-Andrew Reid (photographer)

"I have to say Arthur St John is the very best. His work to me tops all others. It is SOOO different that you don't see it replicated. The way he uses light is amazing and he is THE KING at dodge and burn. His work is inspirational to me and as well as a lot of others. His photography is spot on, straight out of the camera too. I've seen images of his Untouched and they look beautiful. But his work honestly tops all others in my book. I can name a few others that are very close behind but he takes the cake in my book."

-Brandon Patellos (photographer)

"Your work is very exciting to watch. I have been viewing the twins you shot in denim jeans on the beach, one of them where the twins are separated and she looks like a goddess standing on top of the ruins of Athens, Greece. I am just speechless about your super talent with lighting the models, your extraordinary taste for sets, makeup, style, hair, you are a SUPERSTAR in this business!!! I am so glad I discovered you. You are a Superstar Photographer no doubt about it. I guess I must be fair and say your styles of lighting, etc. are in a class of their own."

-Suzanne Dzurik (photographer)

"You are definitely an inspiration to us all. The first time I saw your work I stayed up all night watching every video and was utterly amazed by your work! You can always tell when someone loves what they do. Keep shining!"

-Kevin Edwards (photographer) 

"You and your work have been my greatest inspiration for many years and I have followed your work assiduously. In short, you are my muse. I know that you are, globally, at the top of your profession and that your schedule is impossible but know that I would move heaven and earth and arrange my life in any way to meet you and have the opportunity to work with you."

-Saler John (photographer)

"You are the only one who I know who can help my dreams become a reality. Your photography is out of this world! Your work is the only one I have seen that meets my standards. I adore your work."

-Debra Ann (model)

"I just wanted to tell you that your portfolio is inspiring... the images just captivate me. It's very easy to give up on this industry, especially when let down so many times, but I will tell you... your pictures make me want to keep going. They are to die for... Thanks for your wonderful photography!"

-Crystal Elaine (model)

"Arthur, I saw some of your videos on YouTube, and I must say that you have some of the most incredible work I have ever seen. Unbelievable, and bravo my friend! Can't stress enough how inspiring your photos have been."

-Eugene Slesarenko (photographer)

"Your work inspires me to become a fashion photographer! I've been following your YouTube videos since I decided to transition from Graphic Designer to Photographer. Your work is incredible. I love your lighting, colors, and post work, and you really bring out the best from your models that you shoot."

-Deion Kim (photographer)

"Love your work. You're an icon about to turn into a legend in the photography world."

-John L. Ocasio Gorotiza (producer)

"It is a pleasure and honor to meet you. Your work speaks volumes and is admired by many."

-Gonzalo Guerrero (photographer)

"Your body of work is very high fashioned and yet so versatile. You are such an inspiration to me. I love your behind the scenes and tutorials. Your ability to inspire is a rare gift. Continue inspiring!"

-Louise Begay (photographer)

"The level of artistry you output is more than inspiring. It's so masterful and I'm just going...."How does he do that?!" Gorgeous images my friend. Simply stunning. Thank you for inspiring me as well challenging me to take it to the next level."

-Eddie Colon (photographer) 

"This guy is so talented. Probably 1 of the best fashion photographers in the industry. He takes ordinary, average, aspiring models, and turns them into professionals. Most of these models have no prior experience! This is talent, and he is so humble. These models owe you the world Arthur St John You are 1 of a kind."

-Paul Benjamin (model)

"Arthur, I am speechless, i really can't describe you as a person but one thing i am very sure of and that is the reason why people love you, to tell you the truth its because you are not egoistic at all and reach out to your fans and make them feel like you are just one click away from them - Approachable and lovable you are, may Almighty always keep you under the umbrella of His blessings."

-Jeelani Mehraj (photographer)

"Amazing Arthur! You are so good at what you do & I am a lucky girl to have shot with you! Thank you for everything... from meeting with me to making amazing photos and just being a genuine kind person! I am extremely appreciative for your time and talents and hope to work with you again one of these days! I am very grateful!"

-Laura Mason (model)

"Im a fan of your work I follow you on instagram facebook and I have your youtube channel your the Michael Jackson of photography! The greatest!"

-Martell Gerald (photographer) 

"Seriously you just need to change your name to GOD Photography.... My goooodnesssss your work is Amazing! Actually amazing is not even good enough!"

-Crystalina McMartin (model)

"Im sure you get a ton of messages from models everyday, so i don't expect to hear back from you. I just want to say that i am wowed by your work, and your ability to capture beauty in all aspects of your photos! I would love any opportunity to shoot with you."

-Regan Anthony (model)

"Your work, vision, and use of colors are crazy. You are truly one of my favorite photographers. I draw a lot of inspiration from your work. I strive to get to your level one day. Thank you for the inspiration."

-Clayton Monroe (photographer)

"I'm such a fan of your work... I love the dynamics of your art.. The lighting you use on your models is amazing.. It wraps around them and is just sweet to the eyes..."

-James Rich (photographer)

"Arthur, since I came across your website, I can't find the right words to describe your work... Fantastic! Amazing! Incredible! Stunning! Flawless! Brilliant! Wow! Perfection from every angle! Love your work! I've been a big fan for a long time and every time I check out your portfolio you always bring something new to the table better and better! You are a Great photographer, a true artist. Love your edgy creative work. You're the master! Bravo!"

-Iona (model)

"For a very long time I have been studying your style.. it is simple and wonderful. The post-production is the best..saturating colors... it really makes the models POP... You are an inspiration to me."

-Ferney Garcia (photographer)

"Your my new favorite photographer. Def going to sit and watch all your videos. The image with the seagulls in the back, the waves, the sun, the model. i literally went WOOWWW out loud!"

-Manny Figueroa (photographer)

"I find your work absolutely astonishing.... Your models are priviledged to shoot with such an amazingly talented photographer...."

-Cissi (model)

"I just wanted to let you know that I truly love your work... and that I've watched all your videos on youtube. Truly inspiring stuff...."

-Dustin Hatcher (photographer)

"I love your style and the retouching is brilliant. Very unique, crisp, sharp and stunning."

-Robert Mitchell (photographer)

"Stunning portfolio. Breath-taking. I love the stories your series photos tell. Congratulations to you and all of your fabulous success. Keep up the inspiration you share with the world. You are just very inspirational."

-Alexandria Dixon (make-up artist)

"Have I told you that you're the best? Everyone I come in contact with I tell them how awesome you are! I LOVE working with you!!!"

-Shelley Anderson (model)

"Art is my favorite thing on the planet. I know you've heard this a million times, well, let me be the million 1st one to say your work is impeccable. I love every story your lens tells. It's beyond awesome. It's intriguing, engaging, and stimulating. Your images take us all on an adventure and a journey. Proving that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I watched one video. It was the one with the gorgeous model and the snake. I am petrified of snakes, but I was compelled to watch the process. Had me mesmorized. You are amazing. Thanks for sharing your vision with me and the rest of the world. This body of art speaks to me. That is Arthur St. John!"

-Brandi (model)

"Your stuff is fresh, raw, sexy and ALIVE- exactly what I'm looking for."

-Sarah Jayne (model) 

"I am so in love with your work.... Your pictures are telling stories which is the most important part in shooting any photography."

-Marvin Bien-Aime (model)

"I just wanted to say I love your work! It's killer! You are truly gifted and I would love to learn from the greatest! Thank you for inspiring me."

-Dylan White (photographer)

"Hey Arthur, just wanted to say thanks again for all your time, attention to detail, constructive criticism, and help. I had a great time shooting and really appreciate all the time and care you took with me. I already knew I was going to be in good hands when I came to you but your specifics, vision, and ability to have fun while getting the job done were priceless. Thanks for treating me like I was a part of your family."

-Emelle Le Donne (model)

"Arthur the photos are so amazing! These are the best pictures I've ever seen of myself! There are so many photos and they're all so good. You are the best! Thank you. LOVE working with you - the BEST photographer ever!"

-Carrie Minter Lagree (model)

"Arthur, I wanted to let you know everything looks great you did an amazing job! Truly outstanding work... you nailed the look and feeling of the tequila."

-Christian Audigier (Designer, Paco Chicano Tequila)

"Just wanted to say thank you Arthur. It was such a pleasure to work with you. I love my images and am very happy with the results. Your on point with all you do and I thank you for giving me this opportunity, and I hope to work with you again very soon!"

-Wakina Buxton (model)

"I wanted to write to you and let you know that I am a huge fan of your work. You are such an amazing photographer. You bring something new to each and every photo and model. I admire your website and wish nothing but the best which you probably dont need since you have so much success already under your belt."

-Youngquest (model)

"Mr. Arthur St. John, I hate to bother you but please hear me out sir please. My passion soul heart and dream is in modeling I've been doing it for four years now but have not been able to succeed in it. I would hate to give up what I love. I look at your work it's stunning it's beyond phenomenal spectacular breathtaking extravagant. You definitely know how to take a mind blowing idea, plan it with a gorgeous model, and capture the picture u have imprinted and painted in your mind, all captured threw your Lens. I would love to be apart of that and further my career in modeling. Please, will you help me?"

-Sarah Ziska (model)

"Hey Arthur, I came across your Instagram page and instantly fell in love with your work/style as a photographer. It is just brilliant! I would love to shoot with you."

-Megan Johnson (model)

"Check out my friend and amazing photographer Arthur St John! This guy has shot everyone and anyone and creates epic photos!!!"

-Cheyanne Imbriaco (model)

"Just finished watching some of your YouTube videos :) You are so talented. Your photos are superb! As a model i would love to shoot with you on any upcoming projects you may have. Feel free to contact me at anytime. You are an amazing photographer and if i got to shoot with you i would put every ounce of energy and talent that i have into it."

-Adrienne Wagner (model)

"Hello Arthur, I am a Huge fan of your Amazing work, WOW your work is Incredible!"

-Jerry Zarnekee (producer)

"Dear Mr. St. John, I absolutely love love love your work. All I can say is that you have a God-given talent that is truly amazing. I hope to one day meet you and work with you. Maybe when I make it to the big league in the world of modeling. It's still my dream."

-Joselyn O. (model)

"Arthur, wanted to tell you I love your work! I'm a professional photographer of 31 years in the New Orleans area and do a lot of the underexposing background and lighting subjects with flash. I just love that style, and you are a master of it! Great Job!"

-Robert Faust (photographer)

"Wow, you're an icon for me, your works are so inspiring God Bless."

-Vincent Yee (photographer)

"Amazing work! Absolutely outstanding! You are a great inspiration."

-Mina Slang (model)

"your photos are always epic, i love how everything pops. your models are great. i also enjoy how humble you are. your work and your attitude really show that you are a passionate artist."

-Jason Heatley (photographer)

"just want to say you are the most inspiring photographer who i really aspire to be like i always look forward to seeing your images and videos on youtube and your website, your images are flawless."

-Shirley S. Parkhouse (photographer)

"Your photos are mesmerizing..."

-Anna Skrypnyk (model)

"i really love your work man i study it alot.. just want you to know i am a huge fan.. trying to replicate it is one of the biggest challenges i have had to date so thank u for that."

-Matt Vegasglam (photographer)

"I have followed your work for the past 5 years. In Love with absolutely everything you publish!! I have reached a point of faith within myself, and I want to work with the Best! That would include You!!"

-Yvonne Agnew (model)

"Your work is so amazingly breathtaking. It will truly be an honor to shoot with you."

-Charlena D. Minder (model)

"DAMN dude, your work is STUNNING!!!! WOW!!!!!"

-Ashley Fuentes (model)

"First off I want to say that your work is just amazing... Mindblowing! I am from Paris and I hope to become one day a fashion photographer just like you. You're a legend, You inspire me so much as a photographer."

-Valery Corbin (photographer)

"You really inspire me to be the best that I can be as a photographer."

-Delonte (photographer)

"Arthur St John does the BEST photos! I absolutely love working with him. Not only is he a great photographer but he's a hockey lover! Thank you Arthur for everything you've done for me. I appreciate it!"

-Brittany Trani (model)

"Just got done with a short conversation with an amazing photographer friend (as I am confident in saying) Arthur St John from Cali about a recent photoshoot and I can definitely say that he is just AMAZING and very ARTISTIC!!!!!! Regardless of the fact that he has done photoshoots for Maxim, Guess, FHM just to name a few, is one of those celebrity photographers who actually takes time out to comment and communicate with those who comment on his work and will even, from time to time, briefly help those if and when he has time like he has me in the past. If you are an aspiring fashion photographer, make sure that you check out his website and Youtube channel for all of the latest on this gifted and talented photographer and maybe, if you are in LA during one of his classes, get some lessons from a renowned fashion and celebrity photographer to up your skills so that you may one day may get to the level YOU want!!!!!!"

-Joshua Hanus (photographer)

"Just want to say thanks for the advice on a shoot you gave me, and am proud to say i now have my own commercial studio here in Australia and own a modelling and promotions agency. you are a photographer that i follow and absolutely love you work very inspirational."

-Scott Johnson (photographer, agent)

"I love it! It turned out so good! The photos all look so amazing! You are fantastic. Had a blast working with you and everyone! Great crew, awesome shoot!"

-Nicole Duminie (model)

"Oh man, your work just blows me away, time and time again."

-Jason Edwards (photographer)

"Love! Entirely! I hope I get to work with you someday, but until then.. you are truly amazing! One of my most favorite photography teams everrrrrrrrrr""

-Kayla Johnson (model)

"Thats exactly what I wanna do! Hair and makeup for celebrities and amazing photographers like you! Your talent is incredible and inspiring. I would love to see my work translated through YOUR eyes."

-Felton Trestylez Anderson (hair stylist)

"i dont wanna sound corny here but I want @arthurstjohn to know I can't thank him enough for kickstarting my career! your amazing at what you do!!! and I couldn't be happier that I was lucky enough to shoot with you."

-Taylor Cuqua (model)

"Your work is absolutely stunning and beyond amazing!"

-Corey Williams (photographer)

"I just wanted to let you know that you're really inspirational. When I look at your work it takes my breath away, literally... Phenomenal is an understatement."

-Leigh Ann Murphy (model)

"Arthur your professionalism and knowledge has no comparision. You are the BIG boss here!! Your work is AMAZING and UNIQUE. Thanks to you one of my biggest inspirations to move to LA! and I am happy I did. Definitely my pleasure to be your friend too!"

-Angie Torres (model)

"As an aspiring photographer I have really gravitated towards your work. Someone like yourself is a true inspiration for a newbie such as myself. I have watched if not all most of your behind the scenes videos you have on youtube (multiple times). I want to get out to a beach and shoot and possibly work my way up to become as great of a photographer as you are. Thank you again and I love your work!"

-Allen Flashphotography (photographer)

"Arthur, I am completely speechless... I can only think of how fortunate I am to have work worked with you, this is simply beautiful..."

-Adrian Kirk (model)

"He's by far one of the hardest working photographers I've ever met and truly so humble."

-Desiree Footé (make-up artist)

"Man! Your work is amazing. I found some of your YouTube videos this morning and i have been looking at them for hours. Your lighting is, WOW! keep up the good work!"

-Garith JaJuan (photographer)

"I read a bit about you online... "the FAMOUS Arthur St John..." I feel SO embarrassed, didnt know you were famous, but your work is amazing, no doubt about that..."

-Elizabet Christensen (photographer)

"Honestly the photos are magical Arthur, your talent is eminent. Undeniably, you have a gift. Bottled lightening my friend."

-Tara Noone (model, The Noone Twins)

"Your the best in the business you keep inspiring me"

-Lenny Wheeler (photographer)

"Arthur St John kinda awesome job!! i just wanna cry after watching your videos!! u still the greatest photographer!"

-Mohamed Béchir Ben Othman (photographer)

"WOW!!! These are amazing!!! We love the photographs.You are an awesome photographer!!!"

-Jessa Cygan (model)

"AMAZING work!! I also loved our shots. Again, such a pleasure to work with such a pro. I learned a lot, and you definitely make a model feel comfortable and willing to relax and have fun in order to really shine."

-Alpa Banker (model)

"there is no better photographer as Arthur St John"

-Silvie Lindova (model)

"Arthur I've never took any time to compliment any Photographer on their work, you stand out from the elite."

-Carlos Gonzalez (photographer)

"Thanks again, very happy with your work. Professional, Unique, Creative, Bold, Sharp... just a few of the words that come to mind when viewing the photos... !"

-Andrea Seagren (model)

"I stumbled across your portfolio and checked out your website and was floored !"

-Jodie O'Donnell (model)

"Wow man, your work just blew me away..... and that doesn't happen often!"

-Tiffany Sarah (model)

"You are such a professional and amazing photographer, yet so humble <3 wish you all the best!"

-Kavita Vitz (model)

"Hello to the most amazing aperture I know! To be featured in your portfolio will be an incredible honor and privilege. I loved every minute of shooting with you and your team. I really appreciated all your tips and advice."

-Louise Mc (model)

"What an amazing to die for portfolio you have... effortlessly flawless."

-DaShawn L (model)

"Can't wait to see the rest of the photos from our amazing campaign. You are so talented. Everything you touch turns to platinum."

-Dominie Brazzel (designer, Dominie)

"Arthur St. John is my idol celebrity photographer."

-Adam Tulloch (photographer)

"I love your work a big fan indeed. I would love to work with you. I'm sure you hear that a lot."

-Siray Kong (model)

"I am so happy to find you. I always watch your photoshoot vids in youtube. I really admire your work. How I wish I could have a career like you. I am still learning photography on my own and keeps on practice it with the equipments that I have. Almost everyday I will view your videos... I really wish to have the skills like u, one fine day... U r like my motivator... my Idol."

-Bob Hardy (photographer)

"Love your photography. You're by far my favorite photographer besides myself."

-Curtis J. Moore (photographer)

"I always watch all your videos, been a fan for a long time. keep it up. love all your shots. You are the best for me and thats for real."

-Edward Roberts Jr. (photographer)

"You are one of the best fashion photographers in the world."

-Ezzat Gamaly (photographer)

"Your pics you took of me are some of my favorite ever!"

-Casey Durkin (model)

"I have known Arthur St. John for almost 5 years now.. I can seriously say that he is one of the best photographers I've worked with... with 2 photo shoots done by Arthur, I was never denied any shows, just based on the quality of the pics that Arthur took!!... all the best my dear friend for all the hard work you do to make us look amazing."

-Nathalie Matthews (music artist)

"I follow your work on a daily basis... Your style is impeccable, technique flawless...there is only one Arthur St. John. And that is why your my inspiration."

-Jonathan Liu (photographer)

"Hi ur work is truly amazing. I know u hear this daily so a few more times wont hurt. Watch ur videos over and over.. inspired every time."

-David Guzman (photographer)

"I was so inspired and very amazed with your photos OMG words cant explain how awesome they are."

-Ebonik Henson (model)

"Hi Mr. Arthur. It was such a privilege working with you and I love the final shots you came up with. You are an amazing photographer and I feel the prettiest image came from the heart of the person behind the camera. I'm thankful to have worked with someone as wonderful as you. You're surely one of a kind."

-Asia Walker (model)

"I came across your work over the internet and was blown away. I truly love your work. It is amazing and captivating! Would be honored to get the chance to work with you."

-Jeremiah (music artist)

"Good work Arthur ! I can't tell you enough how amazing I think your work and you are as a person. I have so much respect for you and hope to work with you again in the future."

-Brandi Johnson (model)

"You are a god, truly an inspiration. I wish to be almost as good as a photographer as you one day. Your lighting and post processing are the best ive ever seen."

-Jonathan Brooner-Contreras (photographer)

"I just want to say that you are my Photographer hero, I have seen all your videos and your images. I started last year with photography and im aiming to be as great as you! YOU ARE THE BEST THERE IS!"

-Pieter Pieters (photographer)

"Wow!! Arthur! I checked out your photography on your site. They are stunning! I love the after effects and the angles and lighting are off the hook. It would be my honor to work with you."

-Lai-Si Fernandez (model)

"Love your work... You are my inspiration... I love all your work and I have seen just about every photo shoot that is available to see online. Stay Blessed."

-Tikka Washington (photographer)

"Feel so lucky to have worked with you. It was a dream working with you."

-Anita Vora (model)

"I truly love your work. It is incredible and so very captivating! It would be fantastic to work with you."

-Kellie Dee (model)

"You're a huge inspiration to self taught photographers like me"

-Ipek DG (photographer)

"Your work is Extremely Impressive! I LOVE that you have videos of your photo shoots. It is very obvious you are dedicated and love what you do!"

-Samantha Szwak (model)

"I love my photos, you are AMAZING... WOW... Speechless..."

-Carissa Rosario (model)

"I'm in love with your work! I watch all your videos and think you are an Amazing photographer!"

-Kelly Gonzalez (model)

"Your work is amazing! Its one of the best I've seen. You really know how to capture the perfect shot!"

-Dino D. (photographer)

"Models everywhere are all competing for the same jobs. Some models are fortunate to connect with great photographers that are working their talents in the industry. This cover was shot by photographer Arthur St. John with model Ashley Pocklington. Arthur St. John has the amazing ability to bring the beauty out of everyone he meets behind the camera. The cover of NIFTY magazine is a testament to the fact that great models and talented photographers can create visual art and magic for all to enjoy. For your chance to shoot with Arthur St. John, go to his website,"

-Natasha Duswalt (President, Peak Models & Talent)

"More than anything i'm mesmerized by your work... I am in love with your work, amazing! Phenomenal!"

-Leticia Castro (model)

"Your photography - - - THE BEST EVER!"

-Thayati (model/music artist)

"Hello Arthur, I like your pics tremendously, you make even a dull bush seem exciting."

-SK (photographer)

"I think it goes without saying that you are one of the biggest and influential photographers in the US right now and I would love nothing more than to learn what I can from you."

-Mikul Eriksson (photographer)

"Your work is so inspiring Arthur. When I looked at your portfolio the first thing I thought was how I wish I was modeling for you.."

-Kaiulani Peterson (model)

"I barely heard about you and when I saw your work I was shocked and impressed... It's just that you do your work in such a passionate way. You're the best fashion photographer that I've ever seen."

-Daisy Vera (model)

"It would be an honor to work with you.... Your work is so innovative and admired by so many.... I would love to shoot with you...."

-Ilysse Gay (model)

"you really are the best photographer EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

-Kelita (model)

"I'm a new model looking to work with photographers who will bring alot of creativity to my portfolio. I've been following your work for quite some time now. I started looking at your work on youtube a while back and I've been hooked ever since. I think you're an incredible photographer. I would really love to have a chance to work with you sometime in the future."

-Carla Ridle (model)

"your work is beyond phenomenal. so beautiful!"

-Megan Panda (model)

"I loved viewing your portfolio. The way you capture models is just amazingly beautiful."

-Veronika Lapina (model)

"Your work is PHENOMENAL. I am a great admirer of your work, it is truly great art. And I would absolutely kill to be able to shoot with you!"

-Delaina Stevens (model)

"Your work is absolutely amazing! The photos left me speechless."

-Kyla Weller (model)

"Your work is beyond amazing."

-Milan Bertone-Tesei (model)

"WOW! I'm blown away with your photo shoots and quality of work ! I must say you are very talented!! One of the best i've seen!!!"

-Ria Vee (model)

"Out of all the photographers I have seen your work is my favorite. Lots of class and style. I love it."

-PS Tracy (model)

"Good morning Arthur - I'm saving up for a photo shoot only with you... Your work is the best I have ever seen. I'm so looking forward to it."

-Brenda Olivas (model)

"Love your Artwork. When I watch your videos, it inspires me and gives me the knowledge I need"

-Fadzrin Fadzil (photographer)

"You are one of the most talented fashion photographers"

-Diego Chiarenza (photographer)

"I wanted to say how brilliant your work is! Thanks for giving me some great inspiration!"

-Radha M. Patel (model)

"Your work is beyond perfection!!! Thank you for sharing your amazing talent with the world!"

-Tiphany Adams (model)

"AMAZING work! I would die to work with you!"

-Marie Can Nguyen (model)

"Your work is incredible! If I can shoot half as good as you can, I would be very happy! Thank you for setting a standard of the best! Keep rockin!"

-Brittany Berggren, BBPhoto (Photographer)

"Arthur, such a pleasure working with you and your team. You are the best photographer ever and I am so honored to have been given to opportunity to shoot with you. I cannot wait to see the photos and till we get to shoot again!"

-Jamie Hilfiger (model)

"Beautiful work! It would be a dream to work with a photographer as talented as you!"

-Chelsie Lee (model)

"If you only knew how in LOVE i am with your work! Your A-MAAAZING!"

-Samantha Kross (model)

"Your portfolio blew my mind! Beautiful work!"

-Andrea Lynem (model)

"Your portfolio is the real deal... it doesn't get any better."

-Alice M. Thomas (model)

"Arthur, your photography is quite honestly one of the best I've seen anywhere... I see quality in literally everything you have done..."

-Image Designers (photographer)

"I love your work, you capture like no one else can."

-Hampton Beauty (make-up artist)

"I more than love your work. It's stunning! And I couldn't tell you how many times I said aloud "WOW" while looking at your portfolio."

-Kristen Chanaiwa (make-up artist)

"your work is incredible that's why i want to work with you over and over again."

-Jackie Smith (make-up artist)

"Hey Arthur, I just wanted to say I had a great time shooting with you and the pictures are better than I could have imagined, thank you."

-Dana Anderson (model)

"Your portfolio has some of the best photos i've ever seen"

-Rachel Kronish (model)


-Tracy Park (designer)

"hot hot hot!! your work is amazing. You are very talented. I would be soo lucky to ever work with you."

-Katrina Claussen (model)

"Your photos look like high quality fashion ads you would find in high fashion magazines. I am very impressed with your talent..."

-Heather Scuttle (model)

"Wow your work is just ridiculously stunning!"

-Brian Shaw (USC Film School, DP)

"Your port is truly flawless!! Awesome.... I love all the series in your port!! The styling, the hair, the make-up, your lighting, your angles... I love everything, i'm touched!"

-Kola B. (photographer)

"Your work is sooo amazing... so vibrant and eye catching!"

-Kimmy F. (photographer)

"What a stunning Portfolio, I would do anything to have the chance to work with you!"

-Sheyla Jarquin (model)

"OMG, I've never seen this kind of work before... you're the best - by far!!"

-Mandu Khai (model)

"Your pictures are AMAZING! I love the eyes in every shot, they POP. sexy!"

-RedBag Makeup (make-up artist)

"Wow Arthur!!! Behind the scene videos are awesome. Your work is unbelievable!"

-Emma Ve (model)

"Arthur encapsulates timeless images out of pure passion. Stunning! "

-Hasani Mendez (editor)

"What do you say to perfection? I am beyond words... Your artistic abilities are sensational."

-Peyton Lazarus (model)

"Your photography is so dynamic, you should be a Director of Photography!" 

-Catherine C. White (model)

"I have fallen completely in love with your portfolio. it's amazing! I wish to be in front of your lens!! 

-Coma White (model)

"Your photography is flawless, I want to be like you." 

-New Genre (photographer)

"Stunning work...just mind blowing!" 

-Aesthetic Arts (photographer)

"Your portfolio has nothing but jaw dropping incredible images!!!!" 

-MP Studios (photographer)

"Thank you for giving me this opportunity to shoot with you. It was a great experience for me. You are so talented, I couldn't believe the pictures when I saw how awesome they turned out. I can't wait to see the photos in person. I'm very excited... and I can't believe how many people have already watched the video. It's so exciting.."

-Ashley Pocklington (model)

"Clean, Excellent Concepts, Great Lighting, I'm Inspired by your story telling..." 

-Savage Photo Studio (photographer)

"My God! Your work is AMAZING! Would be an honor for you to shoot me" 

-Sheena Keys (model)

"Your shots are out of this world... great inspiration!" 

-Lexi Morgan (model)

"Your port is a models dream!" 

-Tatiana Vitrano (model)

"i must say your work is Fabulous!!! Fantastic. Artistic. Bravo" 

-Jennier Rizk (model)

"Breathtaking photography Arthur! I love the locations, the styling, the models...everything. You and your team really know how to make an image come together." 

-Nicole Snow (model)

"Wow i'm obsessed! Amazing port!" 

-Elizabeth Hastings (model)

"You are an exceptionally talented photographer.... Every shot is perfection!!! from styling... to colors... to lighting... Just wonderful!!!" 

-Kristi Loving (model)

"Amazing stuff, videos are great also... this is what my port wants to be when it grows up!" 

-Michiana Images (photographer)

"It was wonderful working with you today. Thanks to you and your team for working so hard and paying attention to all the little details. I'm so excited to see the results!! You have an amazing eye for great shots." 

-Ginger (OTTO Models/Agency)

"your work looks so amazing and flawless!" 

-Kate Derr (model)

"Arthur! Your work is really top notch!! Just had to say - amazing!!" 

-Brooke Mason (model)

"Your portfolio is Stunning!!" I'm now a fan!" 

-Jillisa Lynn (model)

"your dedication shows in all of your pics..impressive!" 

-Stefanie Marie (model)

"OMG your port is UNBELIEVABLE!! I'd love to shoot with you!" 

-Norell Enalai (model)

"Inspirational work man... love it." 

-D Freeman (photographer)

"I love your work! Truly inspiring!" 

-Alona Robyn (model)

"Gorgeous portfolio! I LOVE your style of photography!" 

-Kristi Loving (model)

"amazing work- I love your style and focus on quality, more photographers need to be more like you" 

-Serefina Evans (model)

"Love Love love the sultry clean feel in your photos.. soo so beautiful! Great work!" 

-Sara Loren (model)

"Love your portfolio, simply amazing stuff!" 

-Mary Kate Wiles (model)

"I've only said this to 1 other photographer... I love your work and would love to work with you" 

-Katie Dalisa (model)

"i absolutley admire your work 120%... i would love to work with you... You are what i need to make a waaaaaay better portfolio!!!"

-Sara Yacoub (model)

"WOW...your work is STUNNING!!!" 

-Anubis Photography (photographer)

"I'm speechless... Stunning!" 

-Claire Cady (model)

" I've been trying to narrow down my best shots from the photo shoot, there are toooo many perfect shots for me to choose from!! I've narrowed it about 50!! LOL, thanks for doing such a spectacular job" 

-Amie Jeanne (model)

"Your work is truly remarkable and inspiring, and what I aim to do one day myself" 

-K Brooke Photography (model)

"Wow Arthur, I just fell in love with all your work" 

-Pamela Ann Jones (model)

"Your photos are all breathtaking! I love your style!" 

-Falon Marie (model)

"Oh my... Your work is breathtaking!" 

-Lily Yadig (model)

"Your Lighting is to die for ! You're the best photographer ever!! Thank you for everything!" 

-Shannon Ellyse (model)

"Damn! I hope to be this good one day. Much props!" 

-Phlash Photography (photographer)

"I love your work Arthur !! your photos are simply gorgeous !! i would love to have the opportunity to have someone like you photograph me..." 

-Elizabeth Donelly (model)

"So many beautiful images... Love your creativity and talent." 

-Deborah Connors (photographer)

"Who is the best photographer ever??... You!" 

-Carolina Gracia (hair stylist and make-up artist)

"All I can say about your work is, WOW" 

-Chrys Cantave (model)

"wow you do amazing work!!! captivating images!!! I could fall in love with every single photo in your portfolio!!! You're very talented!!!!"

-Nikki Logan (model)

"You have the best portfolio I've ever seen! Very impressive!!" 

-Sarah Wildeman (model)

"Phenomenal Work!!! WOW!!" 

-Jadore Carol (model)

"Amazing portfolio Arthur... In all honesty, I hope to one day be as great as you are with your photography and style... You truly are a master!" 

-Maurice Luckett (photographer)

"wow gorgeous portfolio.. I love the colors you choose.. they are so vibrant" 

-Angie Kiki (model)

"LOVE LOVE LOVE your work! Awesomly gorgeous!!" 

-Shelby Ann Shirely (model)

"amazing work! and i mean - AMAZING!" 

-Vanessa Marie Vilamil (model)


-Rokael Lizama Beauty (make-up artist)

"Wow!!! Amazing port! I love your work!" 

-Lily Figuera (model)

"Your work is STUNNING!!, I'm sure you've heard it a million times!" 

-Angel Herrera (model)

"I love your work, all of it!" 

-Abrams Artists Agency (agency)

"Absolutely exquisite work!" 

-Juls Lane (model)

"Every pic in your port is perfection!" 

-Kamel Atkinson (model)

"you are just super amazing! love to shoot with you when i get lucky enough." 

-Asia Mcas (model)

"Your work is breathtaking!" 

-Lindsay Chea (model)

"i can't stop looking at your port! everything about it is truly amazing!!!!" 

-Trisha B. (model)

"arthur. wow. u have captured some very beautiful images. i absolutely appreciate ur work to the fullest." 

-Angie Wong (model)

"watching the video's of ur shoots are crazy!! how the pic's come out is fabulous!!! love it" 

-Shawtanya Gadson (model)

"Wow ur pics are absolutely amazing! Love your work! I would absolutely love 2 work with you!" 

-Jacqueline Hong (model)

"omggggggg! i love yourr work.!!!" 

-Giselle Montalvo (model)

"you have an amazing portfolio... but you already know that!" 

-Jessica Webster (model)


-George O. Dallas (make-up artist)

"your work is FLAWLESS brilliant lighting and tight depiction of ART...j'adore tu port" 

-X Factor (studio)

"love your port! its perfection at its best!" 

-Anela Tevai (model)

"You have a stunning portfolio! Excellent work to say the least!" 

-Laura A. Leigh (model)

"My lord! you're work is Beautiful!" 

-Matthew Thain (photographer)

"I would travel to CA just to shoot with you. I really admire your work." 

-Faces of Joy (make-up artist)

"Great fan of your work, amazing color and details, very inspiring." 

-PHAZION (photographer)

"Oh my Goodness! Your work is flawless!" 

-Natalia Marie (model)

"Your portfolio is smooth and beautiful Your an artist to the skin." 

-Goddess Photography (photographer)

"You are so talented.. impressive stunning port!" 

-Denise Whalen (stylist)

"You capture something so different than I've ever seen! Very intense and creative! Great work!" 

-Domini Molina (model)

"ONE WORD FOR YOUR PORT WOW! I love your work it is captivating." 

-Beatrice Altarson (model)

"Your work is brilliant and very powerful. I enjoyed the variety as well." 

-Jesse N. (model)

"Omg! your work is amazingly flawless!!! You're gonna make me relocate just to be close to you... I'd fly u here if I could afford to! Ugh! Love Love Love it all!" 

-Seekra D. (model)

"Your port is so dreamy. I love that you have a variety of models of different ethnicities." 

-Aanja (model)

"It would be a dream come true to work with you" 

-Reicha (model)

"your work is so awesome its almost unbelievable!" 

-Sara Lo (model)

"What exquisite talent you have." 

-Deirdre (make-up artist)

"your work is out of this world! amazingly incredible!" 

-M Images (photographer)

"WOWZA! You have one amazing portfolio my friend! You make me wanna step up my game!!" 

-JF (photographer)

"Your work speaks volumes!" 

-Jennifer Fulfer (model)

"I'm in love with your portfolio!" 

-Glenna Victoria (make-up artist)

"Your work is very sexy, classy and beautiful!" 

-Araceli Castro (model)

"your work is so stunning! very gorgeous photos" 

-Leema Lee (model)

"All ur images r flawless!!!!" 

-Leibi Carias (make-up artist)

"I love your work,it is by far one of the BEST portfolios i've seen!" 

-Grace Chavez (model)

"I just love what you do to your models eyes!!" 

-Talesha Z. (model)

"Awesome portfolio! A true inspiration to follow. Love your videos of your shoots too." 

-Dennis Martins (photographer)

"O-M-G I think I'm in it too soon? lol...your port is amazing!!" 

-Tanica Tonnie (model)

"You are pure amazing!" 

-Natalia Marie (model)

"Your port is absolutely breathtaking." 

-Susan Rachels (model)

"Your work is phenomenal!" 

-Tessa Martinez (model)

"I'm both a fashion photographer and a model, and I can truly say I admire your work from both sides of the lens, wow.. just wow!"

-I Photography (photographer/model)

"your work far surpasses flawless" 

-Megan Ownes (hair stylist)

"I haven't put near the amount of love into my portfolio that you have into yours... and it shows... I am now stepping up my game now that I see what a true artist can do and what is possible.... " 

-Robert Livingston (photographer)

"Your skill and creativity are off the charts!!!" 

-Kristine Frank (make-up artist)

"one of the most SPECTACULAR portfolios i've seen.." 

-Amazing Makeovers (make-up artist)

"you are one talented man. im officially impressed" 

-Kassandra Klas (model)

"I'm your Biggest FAN!" 

-Lyssa Lee Roberts (model)

"I LOVE YOUR WORK!!!!! Absolutely Stunning! " 

-Victoria Leigh (model)

"thanks again for being you...your work is beyond awesome and your style is impressive...i cant say enough....keep up the amazing work your a force to be reckoned with" 

-Sandra Chekz (model)

"Arthur, can i be your muse...???..your port is but classy at the same it!" 

-Ashley Eryn Powell (model)

"Never a dull moment working on your shoots Arthur St are a rock star photographer!!!"

-Rob Fuentes (hair stylist)

"You are an amazing photographer!" 

-Katie Svoboda (model)

"Port is impecable, fantasic eye, make-up in your shots are flawless, Editroal looks great. Well done!" 

-Ethan Hunt (model)

"Great work!! Looks like you can shoot just about anything well!!" 

-Zuri Photography (photographer)

"Absolutely BREATHTAKING work!!" 

-Chanel Roberts (model)

"Amazing stuff, I would feel privileged to have an opportunity to shoot with you!" 

-Xavier Bronx (model)

"Can I just tell you you did an amazing job!!! Thank you so so much!!! Keep me in mind for future shoots! I'd love to work with you again! You're amazing!" 

-Kamryn Creamer. (hair stylist)

"OMG I LOVE YOUR WORK!! it's soooooo good!! You're 1 AWESOME PHOTOGRAPHER!!!!" 

-Kandice James (model)

"your work is amazing! Maybe I'll get the chance to come out and watch you work, I could defintely learn alot from you... your style of photography is simply breathtaking!" 

-StrayDogImages (photographer)

"i am truly captivated by your work ..." 

-Marina Ovanie (model)

"You have a stunning port and an amazing talent to capture such beautiful images!" 

-Margaret Trinh (model)


-Marquita L (model)

"Your port is just incredible!! Sincerely remarkable! I truly appreciate your gift!" 

-Nina Santiago (model)

"flawless work,definitely captivating!" 

-Jezyka Elizabeth (model)

"wow!!! i love love love your work!" 

-Shay Wilner (model)

"You have absolutely breath taking work! I love them all! too fantastic I tell you!" 

-Kristen Rautenbach (model)

"Your work is amazing captures so much! I wish i was in front of your lens... magic would fill the air!" 

-Katie Shay (model)

"Your work is flawless, very polished and perfectly directed." 

-Jacqueline Arianne (model)

"Your whole portfolio is just like.....WOW!!" 

-Alli Michelle (model)

"Geez! Absolutely eye-catching! Your portfolio is awesome! (I am posititve you know this already)... You have unique themes that give each model a personalized look. You're my favorite photographer!!" 

-Sierra Schultz (model)


-Paulette Arttamise (model)


-Kiki Marie (model)

"Your images really showcase you talent in lighting. Great work!" 

-Olivia Silke (make-up artist)

"I gotta say - you have 1 of the best portfolios i've ever seen, just flawless!" 

-Nina Kay (model)


-Jes Marie (model)

"Your work is so good it kills me!" 

-Selena M. (model)

"your entire portfolio is just incredible! I'm basically speechless." 

-Agnes Paul (model)

"Your work belongs in magazines and billboards! It's amazing! I love it!" 

-Bruce Francis (photographer)

"I have to tell you, your port is by far one of my favorites. I absolutely love your work." 

-Heather Maria (model)

"OMG your work is stunning! I cant believe how amazing your portfolio is!" 

-Tina Caine (model)

"I love your work Arthur, I just had to say... you're 1 of my favorite photographers!" 

-Tess A (model)

"All of your images could be advertisements! I can learn a lot from you. You truly are very talented!" 

-GLAM (photographer)

"I can't stop looking over your portfolio! It's some of the best work i have ever seen! I'm drooling!!" 

-Emma G. (model)

"WOW, that's all i can really say... just WOW... there are no other words to describe your work!" 

-Michelle Quain (talent scout)

"I still can't get over how beautiful your portfolio is... it's because of pictures like these that I wanted to become a model.. you make everything so glamorous, i love it!" 

-Kelsey Scheuer (model)

"Everytime I look at your portfolio, I love it even more!!" 

-iluorie (make-up artist)

"Your work is out of this world! Best photographer i've seen yet!" 

-Michael Lawrence (model)

"Perfect scenes, perfect lighting, perfect models, perfect poses, Just brilliant" 

-Toufa B. (model)

"You are absolutely amazing! It seems you've found the perfect mix of planning, execution, post-work, and talent! Every image is strong with its own story!" 

-Randee Jean (photographer)

"Your port is totally kick ass! I love it!" 

-Tia Colada (model)

"I'm impressed by your colors, style, and quality... it just doesn't get much better..." 

-Paco Studios (photographer)

"Breathtaking! So artistic, you have such a creative sense of view." 

-Nikkie Fuel (make-up artist)

"you are amongst (if not better) the BEST photographer in California, thats for sure!" 

-Rachel Girma (model)

"this is what i call a flawless portfolio" 

-Shawniece Cornelius (model)

"one word AMAZING!!!!!"

-Jessica Ihle (make-up artist)

"Hello, I just wanted to compliment your work. Alexandria Dycus just shared with me a photo from her Angel Jeans test shoot and I have to say the shot is absolutely beautiful. I met Alexandria and shot with her for the first time last September. Realizing my own skills as a photographer, as well as that of the other photographers from this area were not doing justice to her abilities, I was hopeful that she would shoot with someone that could really showcase her talent. That quite obviously is you. Again, my genuine compliments to your work and I hope this springboards Alexandria’s career." 

-Steve Ford (photographer)

"your work is amazing arthur, i would love to work with you" 

-Arturo Mar (designer)

"I can hardly wait to see the pictures. You are definitely our official photographer for Angel Jeans and I can already think about a few more projects in the very near future." 

-Kevin Yang (marketing director, Angel Jeans)

"I'm very interested in working together, I looked at your website and your work is amazing! I really like the fact that you take your time to make everything perfect, I'm exactly the same way." 

-Emelie Wallenas (make-up artist)

"I do hope I will get to work with you soon as your work is just gorgeous!" 

-Jacqui Jordan (make-up artist)

"P H E N O M E N A L !!!!!!!!!!!!!! PERIOD! I Love it aLLL!" 

-Zuri Tamayo (make-up artist)

"I am in love with your photography" 

-Shawn M. Dillon (model)

"Love everything in your port! Thanks for inspiring me!" 

-Lexi Morgan (model)

"Couldn't even finish your whole portfolio, it's just too dang fabulous. Beautiful beautiful work." 

-Shawnna D. (model)

"You are a photographic wonder!!! Your work is intergalactic!! Kudos!" 

-Rudolph Raymond Cantave (model)

"Your compositions, lighting, and contrast stand out amongst so many other photographers."

-Lusk Photography (photographer)

"Your work is absolutely amazing. Original, an ocean of imagination, unique vision. Love it!" 

-AAL Photography (photographer) 

"You are a brilliant photographer. I can only dream to photograph such beautiful images."

-Raine Ahopelto (photographer)

"I just wanted to let you know how awesome some of your most recent photos have been. You have this artistic vision that just continues to evolve and I find it very inspirational in my own photography."

-Jason Boomgarden (photographer)

"I hope to make it to the US soon. Shooting with you would be a dream."

-Walleisha Burte (model)

"I always try to imitate your lighting and shooting style"

-Kwan Seng Low (photographer)

"i really admire the way u can make a new comer look like a pro. u really know how to extract the best."

-Gautam Maity (photographer)

"1 word to describe Arthur St John .... Legendary"

-Naven Lee Moodley (photographer)

"Thank you Arthur St John for the inspiration. You make me wanna be a better photographer."

-Bill Labonia (photographer)

"Arthur St. John you just keep blowing my mind away with your awesome work. Thanks Arthur for the inspiration!"

-Mike Garzon (photographer)

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